Hacks for a Safer Home

I have been doing some research on tricks you can use to make your home safe from burglars. In the process I came across a few great tips. I think it’s important that we talk to each other about these things and share ideas.

The first one I found has to do with making it appear someone is home when you’re gone. You take a cardboard box and lay it on the ground. Nicely ask for a volunteer to trace your outline from the midsection up. Cut the outline out which will appear like a silhouette if the shades are down. Bend the sides where the arms are so that you can prop it up. Of course I cannot take credit for this idea and I am attaching the video which has more great ideas.

The honest truth is if someone really wanted to get into your house they could find a way. So it’s really about making the house look less attractive or less vulnerable. You will see in the video a suggestion to make a hiding place for valuables. I actually think it’s a great idea. If you’ve done everything you can to make your house secure and someone still manages to come in you can hide the things most valuable to you so that hopefully the burglar passes it by.

I personally like the idea of leaving a radio playing on a talk show when you’re gone so it sounds like someone’s home.

Another easy suggestion of course is timers on your lamps in the house. There is a great deal of technology coming out allowing you to control your entire house digitally. Naturally the downside to this is the concern about your system being hacked. If you are using something that’s convenient you do give up some level of security in exchange. I liken it to the concept of using a debit card rather than cash. The debit card is very convenient but if someone gets your number they can access your account.  The point here is that if you do opt for a digital option, ask around and do your homework.

There was a question in a recent class I taught about using a keypad to enter your house. I am not a technology expert. So, I did some digging. Here are two articles which I feel do a nice job of summing things up.



I have so much more information coming your way about staying safe. Are there topics around personal safety you want advice about? Send me an email on my contact page.  Always happy to do research and share so we are all safer!

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Live Safe! -carole

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